Baptism, Baptist-style

In perusing YouTube videos, I came across this Vineyard video of some baptisms (quick history lesson: Vineyard is a denomination of Baptists who don’t like to call themselves Baptist. Insert “your nondenom church next door” for “Vineyard” and you have the same history lesson). I’m a fan of the Baptist-style baptism and not just because it’s likely the apostolic method. The symbolism is clearly stronger with full immersion — being buried and rising again to new life (Rom. 6:4, Col. 2:12), plus the cleansing of the whole body as is the whole person. Now, I don’t expect the mainline churches to adopt full immersion any time soon (too bourgeois for that), nor is it especially important, but it is worth considering. I found this video beautiful, and I’m a fan of the musical artist, Jeremy Riddle, whose song, “Sweetly Broken,” is playing.


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